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20 GREAT ideas to make homeschooling FUN!

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Dreading the idea of how you will keep the kids enthusiastic for the next round of homeschooling during lockdown 2.0? Check out these theme ideas below on how you can make learning days at home fun and unique!

1. PJ day

How about embracing a lazy day and learning in our pyjamas?! Perfect for the end of the week. Did someone say #friyay?

2. Harry Potter day

Wear your best Hogwarts uniform impersonation and start the day by making a wand! Break up the day by challenging the kids to try and solve a riddle, create a potion in the kitchen or take their best photo flying on a broom!

3. Sports day

Set up a circuit in the house where the kids can crawl through tunnels (under chairs), jump over hurdles (books), balance on the beam (strip of masking tape) etc. This will be a super fun way to travel from the desk to the kitchen or even to stop each hour and run the circuit before sitting back down!

4. Summer time day

Dress in your summer clothes, bring a beach towel and when it's time for snacks, enjoy an ice cream OR road trip to get slurpees!

5. Canteen day

Do your kids miss their weekly canteen lunch order day? Why not let them place their lunch order in the morning and have Uber eats deliver it for lunch!

6. 'The Block' day

Is your learning area feeling dull? Why not pretend to be in the final hour of The Block and have 30 minutes to decorate the study area?! The kids can make posters or signs, bring a belonging from their bed room, make a name sign to claim their desk. You can even get all 'Shayna' and give scores!

7. Footy day

Represent your team and wear your Footy colours to home school!

8. Superhero day

Challenge your kids to create their own superhero costume to wear for the day. Think capes made from beach towels or sheets, aluminium foil wrist bands and more!

9. Day spa day

How about getting a bit glam for the day? Start the day with painting nails and end the day with a relaxing face mask!

10. Be the DJ for the day

Let your kids take it in turns to be the DJ and choose the playlist for background music for the day!

11. Camping day

Let your kids create their own little cubby or fort for the day where they can set up a special learning space just for them, wear their trackies, and roast marshmallows for lunch!

12. Christmas in July

Get onto this one quick, as we're halfway through already but who doesn't love wearing a Santa hat and listening to Christmas carols?

13. Winter wonderland

Wear your scarf and ugg boots and sip on hot chocolate while you work. Did someone say we're watching Frozen 2 later?

14. Fashion show

Create you best outfit and be a fashionista. Prizes for best dressed!

15. JoJo bow day

Wear your best bow and rock a Jojo Siwa look for the day. You can even play her tunes in the background.

16. Bake off day

Stopping for lunch or afternoon break? Why not have a cupcake decorating competition?

17. Movie day

Popcorn...popcorn...popcorn...Did someone say popcorn?

18. Shop day - Earn and spend

Set up a shop for the day! The kids can earn money by completing work tasks and spend the money at the shop where they might be able to buy grocery items like lollies or fun drinks, or even little toys.

19. Craft day

How about starting the day with making a pasta necklace that you can wear for the day?!

20. Dance day

How could we leave this one out? Wear your dance clothes, improv session at recess, performance at lunch time and finish the day with a dance movie!

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