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May 31, 2017

At Backstage Dance Academy, we provide our students with access to the Cecchetti Ballet syllabus.  This provides our students with the following benefits:


1. Improve Ballet technique, therefore improving technique in Jazz, Contemporary, Lyrical and other styles.


2. Improve musicality.  Exercises include 3/4 and 4/4 timing as well as working to various accents and rhythms.


3. Improve attention to detail.  Repetition and detailed exercises allow the dancer to focus on the finer details and improve their attention to detail.  This is a useful skill in all facets of learning and employment, both dance and non-dance related.


4. Ensure that students are learning steps and combinations at an age and standard where they are ready.  A syllabus also ensures that students are learning all steps, and not skimming over or skipping steps which may occur in a more ‘open’ or ‘free’ environment.


5. Provides individual goals for dancers to work towards, such as working to improve your exam score each year.


6. Provides students with opportunities to dance with students from other studios at convention days and similar events.


7. Students can take their exams to a teacher qualification level and later on become a Cecchetti Ballet teacher who can enter their own students for exams.


8. Provides students with the opportunity to dance with live music from a pianist.  This is something that dancers may come across in an audition or full time dance environment.


9. Students can gain annual feedback in their examination reports from an external dancer/dance teacher.  This is beneficial to have a fresh pair of eyes view your work and technique, other than your regular teachers at your studio.


10. Further develop self-discipline, focus, and work ethic.  This will benefit students in all facets of learning and employment.



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