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March 23, 2018

If you're a dance student or parent you may have wondered why dance students are required to wear their hair in a neat and secure style, or Ballet bun for their dance class?


Here's why...


1.  It shows respect and appreciation to the art form.  Presentation is a huge part of the art of dance. Styling your hair neatly is just as important as wearing a leotard for Ballet, Tap shoes for Tap or even football shoes for football.  


2.  It allows the student to focus and concentrate to the best of their ability.  Learning to dance is hard work, especially after a tiring day at school.  When a student doesn't wear their hair in a neat and secure style, they spend much of their dance class wiping their hair out of their face, trying to pull it tighter, trying to re-pin it or even worse, requiring the teacher to spend valuable class time to fix it.  It's important that your child can spend their class time listening and observing the teacher, trying their best, and applying corrections and notes given...not worrying about where their hair is going.


3.  It allows the student to become a better dancer.  A student with secure and neat hair can perform their dance moves with ease.  They also give the teacher a clear view of their alignment and posture, allowing the teacher to better correct the dancers technique.  A dancer who has messy hair that is falling out needs to work hard just to control of their flying ponytail let alone worry about what's actually happening technique wise.  Students with saggy and loose ponytails often have to add movements of the head and neck to control their hair, resulting in their dance moves are not being performed correctly.


4.  It encourages dancers to dress appropriately and respectfully in other areas of life.  Dance might not be the most important aspect of your child's life but it will encourage your child to be better in other areas such as work and school.  A student who understands and respects that you may need to dress a certain way for dance, will have a better understanding of how to dress for other occasions too. Work interview?  A adult who grew up dancing will attend on time, dressed in neat and clean attire, with neat and presentable hair.  

Speech to apply for school captain?  Your child isn't going to stand up there in track pants, their shoe laces undone and their hair in their face.  They will present themselves in a respectful and professional manner because they have grown up thinking this way in dance.


5.  It assists the teacher in preparing your child for more important events such as exams, competitions and auditions.  If the students in a class are dressed in their uniforms and have their hair secured in a bun, the teacher can then focus on what needs fixing in relation to dancing.  This will benefit your child when they are preparing for their exams, competitions or auditions.  Teachers often have to dedicate time to addressing students who are late, have incorrect uniform or who have their hair out and this all takes away from the valuable class time.


6.  It enables a dancer to be as stronger performer.  Students with messy hair get used to wiping it away or flicking it away during their dance class and practicing.  These movements get stored in the students muscle memory and when it comes performance time, they will be likely to still wipe or flick, even if their hair is secured in a bun with hairspray for the performance.



Happy dancing!

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